SMARTNet Management

Simplify and Streamline Renewal Management

Organizations need to keep a close eye on their contracts and upcoming renewals to ensure there are no gaps in coverage, which can be a challenge for organizations trying to keep track of multiple subscriptions. If a renewal is missed, devices can slip through the cracks, risking downtime and other damaging network issues.

Recognize immediate and multi-year cost savings by having NetStream’s dedicated team of SMARTnet renewal experts simplify and streamline the renewal process.

NetStream Tackles SMARTnet

  • Consolidate multiple SMARTnet contracts
  • Co-term Agreements
  • Reduce downtime by proactively renewing contracts
  • Review and align service levels
  • Help you understand financing options
  • Streamline budgeting by simplifying support costs
  • Identify end-of-service equipment and remove unnecessary coverage


Why do you need SMARTnet?

It’s your safety net to avert technology disaster.

SMARTnet management is crucial to the health and continuity of your IT network infrastructure.

When do you need SMARTnet?

When you need a rapid device replacement – something’s gone wrong, a critical device shuts down or is unrecoverable; the hardware malfunction or system-wide outage is terribly inconvenient and stressful…having SMARTnet coverage guarantees you a rapid replacement

When you need the assistance of Cisco TAC (Technical Assistance Center) – speak directly to Cisco experts to triage the problem and guide you quickly to the optimal resolution

When you need to automate upgrades to stay up-to-date – SMARTnet keeps your patches and upgrades rolling automatically to protect you against the newest forms of malware

Interested In Additional Information?

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